Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne at the Micronora 2018 tradefair in Besançon

Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne participated, with 13 other companies from the region, in making a human bust through 3D imaging, so as to contribute to the promotion of 3D printing in Burgundy-Franche-Comté. This project, initiated and monitored by the ‘Innov’Health’ group, of the Besançon microtechnical centre, aimed at showing off the different 3D scanning, modelling and printing techniques present … Read More

3D Printing

Additive manufacturing is a technology that has been developing at an increasing speed for the last few years in all fields and especially in industry. Laser fusion, resin polymerisation, Fused Deposition Modeling, powder bed printing… many processes in response to a host of specific applications. Our profession, that of investment casting, has not escaped from this revolution. Effectively, almost all … Read More

Certification ISO 9001: guarantee production quality and reliability

  Strengthened by its experience and skill, the company would like now to get itself recognized by obtaining the ISO 9001 certification. This recognition will be one more measure of quality and reliability for our clients and will enable us to reinforce our image as a well-structured company. A first audit is planned for the beginning of the year. This … Read More

Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne introduces robotization!

After several months of technical and financial studies and in collaboration with the CETIM (Technical Centre for Mechanical Industry) on the one hand and the support program, ‘Robot Start for Small and Medium sized companies’, the company installed in December 2016, a 5 axis, high-speed ‘Easy Box L250’ loading / unloading robot, designed and conceived by Engineering Data. Its installation … Read More

Official Opening in June 2016

Seven months have passed since our move, the machines are in place, the personnel on their marks. It was time to think about sharing our enthusiasm by officially opening our new factory.  Everyone was involved in the event and nearly 150 people accepted our invitations. At 4:30 in the afternoon, the proceedings opened with the speech of our CEO, Jean … Read More