Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne gets a 3D scanner with it’s 3D printer

Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne - Scan 3D - reverse ingéniering

In order to complete its offer, “Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne”, specialist in the design of molds for the investment casting, invested at the same time as 3D printing in a 3D scanner.

The ATOS Triple Scan currently in service in our society, is a high resolution contactless 3D scanner which provides fast and precise three-dimensional measurement data. It is equipped with measurement cameras with a resolution of up to 16 megapixels.

This new equipment allows our customers to benefit from precise control and to attest to the dimensional quality of printed parts, it also allows reverse engineering and all kinds of control services.

In addition, unlike conventional CMM systems that we have used until now, which will only digitize individual points, non-contact 3D measurement systems such as the ATOS Triple Scan 3D scanner are capable of capturing the entire surface of parts controlled by the company (more than 90% of the part).

This is an additional guarantee of quality for our customers who can rely on a company always on the lookout for new technologies …