The latest in 3D printing !

The company “Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne”, specialized in the design of tools for the investment casting and the injection of wax models, has a workshop specially dedicated to 3D printing.

Originally, this workshop was dedicated to the printing of parts for the investment casting which represents the company’s historical customers.

However, we have been asked by different companies to produce prototypes of parts that require more specific mechanical properties.

After long months of development and research, we have managed to offer our customers solutions to their needs. We are now able to provide them fully functional prototypes thanks to the surface treatment of the printed material (PMMA).

Several types of finishes and services are available to adapt to the needs of each client:

– Raw, standard or smooth finish

– Dimensional control

Starting from a CAD file in STEP, IGES or STL format, we offer printed parts of maximum dimensions (1000 x 600 x 500 mm) and of various and varied shapes (hollow, solid, circular, rectangular, etc.). The only limit is imagination!

Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to create your prototype or meet development needs, we can quickly study your request and offer you a suitable price.